575.00 – Kawasaki KX60 KX 60 NOT 65 80 85 Cr Yz Rm Ktm KIDS MOTOCROSS A1 Runner CLEAN ??


Kawasaki KX60 KX 60 NOT 65 80 85 Cr Yz Rm Ktm KIDS MOTOCROSS A1 Runner CLEAN ?? – Here we have a Little KX 60 motocross bike 1998. WILL UPDATE BETTER PICTURES TOMMOROW. I brought this for my son, way to swift just when i start it he pulls a comical face hes to scared to even mount it. This is a satisfactory little bike, in satisfactory condition for its year, obviously age related marks being 15 years old & an off road bike. The bike starts 1st kick, i rode it to show my boy, & if im honest i couldnt keep the front wheel down in any gear & im 13.8 stone. Its crazy. This is not a rubbish pit bike, & its far from a toy, this is a performance bike created for racing etc. Please do not think you can chuck an un-experienced child on this because its likely you will be taking a trip to A&E. The swing arms a bit scabby. The front brakes not tremendous yet i will be fitting brand new brakes monday so the purchaser will recieve a fully working satisfactory bike.It has purple chain guard & chain runner protectors as an added extra. The bike has loads of compression LOADS of power, all the gears are crisp & work well this is a GOOD little bike, a satisfactory engine & its condition reflects that it has been well looked after. Lastly, I will allow test pilots if im holding the full amount of cash in my hand, I will NOT be wanting your Xbox + I Pad + £10 + a pack of pork crunch, i want my money back on the bike & any ridiculous offers will be completely ignored, aswell as offers to swap junk, sorry. Also, do not think you can come view the bike to eye up where its kept so you can then come steal it @ night because trust me you wont be able to. I in no way offer any warrenty with this bike, how can i its a 2 stroke? You take it home forget to put oil in with your fuel & its pops, then it will come back on me, so im sorry yet its sold as seen, yet anyone with experience in motocross will know when they come to view, that this is a decent bike, & has been well looked after. First to view will want to buy! Advertised elsewhere so i reserve the right to end auction at anytime. CASH ON COLLECTION ONLY – COLLECTION FROM NN10 Within 5 days of winning.

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Kawasaki KX60 KX 60 NOT 65 80 85 Cr Yz Rm Ktm KIDS MOTOCROSS A1 Runner CLEAN ?? price is correct at time of posting.

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